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Downton Honey

downton honey

Over the last couple of years I have reduced the number of beehives I keep and generally only have enough honey for my own family's use, and to give away to friends and family. On a good year you may find some of my excess honey for sale at The Borough Cafe in Downton.


I built my first beehive with my father in 1982. It was a Smith hive (the one on the right in the 3rd and 4th pictures). In 2011 I decided to replace my old hives with new British National hives which are slightly larger and easier to handle. I built these entirely out of plywood (green hives pictured). The pictures show the replacement process and the bees settling in.

Many beekeepers use the winter months to prepare for the new season. Building your own kit can be a very enjoyable part of the hobby. I now tend to buy hives in flat-pack form and have experimented with polystyrene hives with some success.